Innovation Made in Nigeria

Eco-managers, start-up founders and investors from North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)


start-up founders


months of preparation


month of on-site practical experience


months of follow-up


Fit For Nigeria

Exposure & Networking

Follow-Up Phase

Lessons Learned

  • Nigeria, with Lagos as the central hub, has become the second largest key country on the African continent for start-up ecosystems

  • The country is investing to establish itself as a technological leader in the start-up sector in the long term

  • The fintech, agritech and enterprise software sectors are particularly lucrative, with increasing investment volumes in the renewable energy and health care/pharma sectors too

  • The Innovation Made in Nigeria programme harnesses these factors and offers start-up founders from North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) the opportunity to delve into the start-up world of Lagos, establish strong networks and develop expertise on Africa

  • Support sustainable new business opportunities and joint projects between NRW and Nigeria

  • Establish sustainable expertise on Africa

  • Give participants the opportunity to gain insights into the emerging start-up scene in Nigeria and launch new cooperation arrangements

  • Expand the partnership between NRW and Nigeria

  • Lay the foundation for a sustainable alumni network

  • Start-up founders and ecosystem managers from NRW businesses geared towards technology and innovation

  • Representatives of university-related start-up and innovation centres, as well as multipliers in NRW

  • Entrepreneurs, investors and corporate start-ups interested in start-ups in Nigeria


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