Innovation Made in Ghana

Experts and managers from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and local business development agencies and business associations from NRW




months of preparation


month of on-site practical experience


months of follow-up


Fit For Ghana

Exposure & Networking

Follow-Up Phase

Lessons Learned

  • Ghana's political stability makes it one of West Africa's attractive business locations

  • However, despite the great potential of the African markets, German direct investments in Africa are still negligible compared with other countries. SMEs in particular often lack the resources they need to prepare a market entry in Africa

  • The "Innovation Made in Ghana" programme offers representatives from SMEs in NRW the opportunity to come to Ghana to familiarise themselves with the local business sector and build strong networks.

  • Support new business opportunities and joint projects between NRW and Ghana

  • Promote sustainable economic development and the expansion of expertise on Africa among businesses in NRW

  • Expand the long-standing partnership between NRW and Ghana, assist in unlocking international markets and promote joint cooperation projects

  • Lay the foundation for a sustainable alumni network between NRW and Ghana

  • Experts, managers and decision-makers from SMEs

  • Local business development agencies and business associations that are professionally involved in shaping sustainable and innovation-oriented business development


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